About us

Surrey Islamic Society is a Student run organisation committed to the promotion of peace, love and respect in the community and on campus. We also aim to increase the understanding of Islam – free from any misconceptions and distortion. The Society was established to enable all Muslim students to participate in various activities that will promote and cultivate their understandings of the Islamic way of life and also to foster the spirit of brotherhood among students of diverse backgrounds and of different nationalities. The Islamic Society also serves as a spokesman representing the interests of the Muslim community on a wide range of issues.

Surrey ISOC Sisters

Surrey ISOC has been catering for Muslim students for over 30 years and has always placed the utmost importance on facilitating activities for women. The primary goal is to bring the sisters together and blossom the sisterhood! Coming together for the sake of Allah in promoting what is good, deepening our understanding of Islam and inviting our sisters to the deen of truth through various religious and social activities. The sister’s team is dedicated to making sure you have the most positive and beneficial university experience! We hope, by the will of Allah, that we can empower women to embrace the status that Allah has blessed them with and use their skills and knowledge for the betterment of themselves, Surrey University and the entire ummah!

We hold many major events throughout the year as well as regular circles of knowledge, sports and socials. Surrey Islamic Society also facilitates the running of Islamic school: Al-Fitrah for children and young girls and runs every week. If you have skills and passion and would like to be a part of something amazing, earn unfathomable rewards and increase your imaan please get in touch with a member of the team to join or contact us via the web contact form.